Space Max

CRYsoft Development
iOS 6.0 +
Tiny Games

Destination: Earth. Gas-engine: ON.

Get ready for a noisy takeoff! Help Max the Astronaut Monkey get back home with his high-tech jetpack, famously powered by eco-friendly flatulent energy.



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Product Description

Rip through space thanks to this powerful yet all-natural gas that lets you fly higher and higher!

After a crash landing on planet Cowa-426, our brave hero discovered that the only way to get home was through the power of flatulence. Help him collect scrap metal to build powerful space suits. Careful though! The journey through space isn’t exactly a piece of cake (or cut of cheese…)! Watch out for space cows, asteroids, and other silent but deadly perils of the universe.

Remember: you only have you and your farts to count on. Don’t be embarrassed: as they say, IT’S BETTER OUT THAN IN!

Space Max main features

  • Space odyssey of unepic proportions with a fart flying monkey
  • Custom spacesuits to build up the ultimate uber ultra mega spacesuit
  • Gorgeous hand drawn graphic. Every, single, pixel
  • Crazy leaderboards to determinate the best farter in the World


The images shown represent the Android version of the game. Because of the restrictions imposed by Apple guidelines, we had to adapt the game to make it conform to the standards required for anti spam policies.