CRYsoft Development
Based in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy

Founding date:
January 10, 2011


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Rolling Legend – EPISODE 1
Space Max
Sushi Three!


CRYsoft Development is an Italian independent game studio made up of Alessandro Filipponi, Aymen Mezni, Cristiano Ferracuti and Francesca Velenosi  bringing back old fashion new style games since 2011.


Early history

CRYsoft Development was founded in 2011 by Alessandro Filipponi and Aymen Mezni, after they encounter each other at a job interview for a totally different scope of work. They teamed up to fully develop their first game ‘Rolling Hero’. With no resources, space or money, they created iWant, eBay Hidden Auctions and myDespenza apps to earn a starting capital to buy some equipment, development licenses and software. Later in 2012 the artist Francesca Velenosi joined the crew introducing to the team her friend Cristiano Ferracuti, an incredible skilled music composer. Rolling Hero was renamed Rolling Legend – EPISODE 1 and released subsequently. Rolling Legend wasn’t an overwhelming success, but it was greatly appreciated from critics and players, but much more of that it gave great exposure over the Internet.


After Rolling Legend’s release, CRYsoft Development was approached by Neveplast srl, an italian company which build and sell particular kart racing products,  to develop their promotional game based on their brand product Skiddy. This was their first commissioned work. The team was super excited cause the chance to create a new official licensed game. The game itself was highly appreciated by Neveplast for his accessibility as his good looking so as company customers which were able to enjoy the particular Skiddy kart experience on their mobile devices. This success pushed further CRYsoft Development on their mission to develop enjoyable, beautiful looking and accessible games.


In May 2017 a new game by CRYsoft Development was launched worldwide on almost every mobile device available in the markets: Space Max. The final goal of this project was to deliver a seamlessly fun endless jumper game based on an atypical character in a even more absurd context. So it born Max, this unlikely but brave monkey which ruinous crash landed on a distant planet named Cowa-426 (a little easter egg for movies addicted). The mission of Max is to build up a new space module to be able to leave the planet and to do it, Max has the need to gather the metal scraps scattered around from its old spaceship. However it hasn’t enough resources to fly around freely all the time, so Max uses its “particular engine system” to move on the planet. The game was published by Redbit Games under their Tiny Games label. The team has just released his brand new game: Sushi Three!


  • Rolling Legend – EPISODE 1
  • Skiddy
  • MatchYS
  • Space Max
  • Sushi Three!




Selected Articles

  • “The young developers of CRYsoft Development show their way. App, games, talent and passion”
    – Maria Cristina Perotti, Riviera Oggi
  • “Skiddy: the kart race according CRYsoft Development”
    – Federico Del Bono, Piceno Time
  • “Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to introduce you the craziest teammates ever seen!”
    – Peter Ward, Retro Games Master

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Alessandro Filipponi
Project Manager, CRYsoft Development

Alessandra Merlini
PR & Localization, CRYsoft Development

Aymen Mezni
Lead Programmer, CRYsoft Development

Cristiano “Tecnyoh” Ferracuti
Music Composer, CRYsoft Development

Francesca Velenosi
Art Director, CRYsoft Development