Rolling Legend – EPISODE 1

Go, Johnny Go!


CRYsoft Development
Based in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy

Release date:
January 10th, 2015



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Get ready to embark in the most epic of undertakings when something terrible will befall on the beach… Save your little friends Donut, Sheldos, Sven and many others, and take care of the baddies who stand before your way. Johnny Marble is ready to rock out in Rollywood!


CRYsoft Development was founded in 2011 by Alessandro Filipponi and Aymen Mezni, after they encounter each other at a job interview for a totally different scope of work. They teamed up to fully develop their first game ‘Rolling Hero’. They started working on this big project by 2 on early 2012 but they soon noticed the game needs were more high and more large than they could expect. Later in 2012 the artist Francesca Velenosi joined the crew introducing his friend Cristiano Ferracuti,  an incredible skilled music composer, to the team. The project took 2 years and half to be completed, Rolling Hero was renamed Rolling Legend – EPISODE 1 and released subsequently.


  • Meet Johnny Marble. The most charismatic character ever is now in your hands (despite not having even the legs). Make it run, jump and roll, the important thing is to not stop!
  • 5 full Retina display, completely hand-drawn toon like worlds, and dedicated to some of the biggest blockbuster films, await you, and many more to come!
  • The original fast-paced soundtrack of Rolling Legend will literally blow up the sound barrier of your smartphone. Forget those unnerving piece of music from peanuts, our rock is second only to our roll.
  • “With great power comes great responsibility” Maybe, but with unlikely clothes come even greater powers. Unleash the power of the Comet and accelerate up to mach 1 or swept away everything in a devastating Fireball. Remember, the power is in your clothes…
  • Epic boss battles. How many times have you read this sentence ?! Well, our boss will certainly not be “epic”, but they are certainly the most weird and funny that you have ever seen. Get ready to fight the fluffy MARBLROG or to survive the grotesque AVALANCHE.
  • Do you feel skilled photographers ?! Take part in our mini-game, take a photo of our game starring Johnny Marble, post it on your favorite social networks and gain fame, glory and of course free Shiny. The more sensational the photo the more Shiny you will earn!


Rolling Legend EPISODE 1 – Launch Trailer Youtube






Alessandro Filipponi – Project Manager

Aymen Mezni – Lead Programmer

Cristiano Ferracuti – Music Composer

Francesca Velenosi – Art Director









Founded in 2011 and based in Italy, CRYsoft Development is an Italian independent game studio made up of Alessandro Filipponi, Aymen Mezni, Cristiano Ferracuti and Francesca Velenosi bringing back old fashion new style games since 2011.

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