DevDiary – Space Max is ready at the launch tower

DevDiary – Space Max is ready at the launch tower

Hi there! This is Alessandro. Well, it’s almost Christmas time and I usually write a something like deep warm hearted statement to celebrate this event.. This time I’d like to speak to you right and plain: this year has been a very harsh and tough, but very important, to us all. It has been a year of changes, successes and some bad lucks but we endured and we’re always here.

Space Max - The truth is out there...

We are ready, like Max, to take off… Well it isn’t right like Max!

First of all, the good ones: Space Max is right behind the corner. We ended up the main development and we entered the beta test to polish the game even more. We’re listening the feedback of everybody who decided to join the test itself (talking about it, if you would help us to improve the game testing it or just to send some of your impressions please write at )

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In the previous developer diary I said we shall released Space Max by the end of 2016, but there were some “unexpected encounters” along the road and the launch has been delayed to early 2017. This unexpected encounter has been the meeting with the guys of redBit gamesa renowed games publisher from Rome (Italy), who really enjoyed Space Max and they decided to publish it.

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Do you feel like Max at this moment?! Be cool, Space Max will be out before you can say: BANANA!

We’re using this time span to retouch and improve some aspects of the game which didn’t 100% convinced our testing audience (we would like to say thank you to MassoGeppetto for his generosity! 😀 ).

Going to the point to answer some questions we received and because some of you have had the chance to play Space Max, the answer is “Yes, Max is able to fly using his own farts…”. This surely will generate some new questions like: WHAT THE HELL?! HOW?! WHY?! – The answer is quite simple as well (but a little bit cryptic): “Every superhero gained his powers somehow or somewhere don’t you..?” Stay tuned and take a look at the game launch trailer we’ll publish soon on our Youtube channel to find out the answer!

Just one more thing… Because it is almost Christmas as i early say above i want to give you a little present unveiling a teaser art of our next project that will arrive in the 2017: War Hogz!

Follow us on our Twitter account of the game to know more.

War Hogz - teaser art

Lieut. Cody O’Kane

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year fellas


CRYsoft Development - Xmas 2016